How to prepare your employees for a major office relocation 

Preparing for a major office relocation requires time and sufficient planning. You don’t want to get caught up in unfortunate delays all because you didn’t have an idea of how to prepare your company as well as your employees for major office relocation. Here are some tips to help your employees prepare for a major office relocation without a glitch.

Choose the Best Office Moving & Installation Company 

It is vital for companies to choose the best office moving installation provider possible. Avoid choosing the first company that appears to be the “best.” Shopping around helps a lot, and it gives you an idea of what the prospective moving and installation companies offer in comparison to each other. When seeking an office moving company, assess your furniture moving and installation needs. Do you only want someone to move your office furniture, or do you need assistance with the installation of office furniture as well? It’s important to note that not every moving company also provides office furniture installation. Knowing this ahead of time will allow you to be informed when you begin the process of connecting with potential movers. 

Likewise, consider getting a consultation where you can speak to a live person about what you want for your major office relocation. This consultation is necessary because it gives you an opportunity to get to know more about the companies that you’re considering, and consultations provide the opportunity to discuss your budget and other details related to your major office relocation. Do you want more information about selecting the best moving installation company for your upcoming office relocation? Contact Exserv Facility Services and we will share tips on what to look for and how to get a great customer experience.

Develop a Timeline

When it comes to a major office relocation, time is of the essence. For this reason, open, steady communication is important. From the moving company project manager to your employees, everyone needs to be on the same page about all aspects of the office relocation. A moving company project manager can assist with creating a detailed office relocation to keep you and your employees on track. The moving project manager is trained to keep you abreast of all the moving details for your office relocation so that you can relay this information to your employees in a timely manner.  

Meanwhile, your employees have to be cognizant of everything that is going on with the commercial moving company. Fill them in well in advance so that they are properly prepared in a timely manner to provide assistance with the office relocation to avoid any surprises and delays. Even with an active office relocation, it’s business as usual. So, it’s important to keep everyone in the loop about specific aspects of the office relocation. Your employees likely have enough on their plates already, and they don’t need the added stress associated with taking care of responsibilities beyond what they have planned. Offering your employees assurance where the company is in regard to the office relocation is respectful, and it will be greatly appreciated. 

Get Employees Motivated for the Office Relocation

If you really want your employees to assist with the office relocation, give them a little motivation to assist with the process. Don’t expect them to just start moving on their own. Show them through the actions that they are part of the office relocation process. Fill them in on all the details about the relocation plan. Tell them who is performing the move. Bring in packing and moving supplies such as labels, tape, bubble wrap, and boxes so that employees to help your employees prepare their items for the office relocation. 

The Contingency Plan

As with all things, life happens. With any type of move, there are always some things that you can’t control. Traffic, weather, illness…things happen that can delay even the most well-planned office relocation. This is why a contingency plan is important. A Plan B ensures that you can at least get the ball rolling on your office relocation despite a delay. Just in case there are issues with moving on your designated day and time, prep your employees for other office relocation tasks such as cleaning or gathering together other materials until any potential delays or mishaps are remedied. 

Time to Move

It’s finally the big day for the office relocation. You’ve taken all the necessary steps for a well-planned office relocation. You hired a quality commercial moving and installation company, so let the movers do their jobs while you and your employees prepare for a new office environment. If you should run into any issues, simply make the space to handle them accordingly knowing that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to ensure that you and your employees are prepared to start a new chapter in your new work environment.

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