New installed cubicles.

Office Furniture Installation

Leave your office furniture installation to the pros at Exserv Facility Services.

office furniture installation

Leave your office furniture installation to the pros at Exserv Facility Services.
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Need to set up a new office? Don’t have the time? We can help.

Our project managers enter the jobsite early to consult with the client, end user, building management, and vendors to manage project requirements. They will evaluate site conditions and perform a field verification to ensure the project design matches the actual space. Our project managers then prepare schedules to coordinate product lead times and deliveries.

From the first delivery to the final clean, Exserv understands how critical proper delivery and installation are to your schedules, people, and work activities. We plan and schedule the detailed execution of each project, noting its critical path and potential obstacles. Exserv prepares for the unexpected and works with our partners to proactively resolve challenges before overall project deadlines are impacted.

White office cubicles with office chairs installed by Exserv.

We partner with you from start to finish

Our Project Managers work closely with your team to develop a thorough review of the installation plan. This way, we can identify unforeseen issues to become proactive and not reactive. We provide supervision, equipment, and all the necessary insurances to proceed quickly and safely.  Exserv ensures that all product is delivered according to schedules and coordinated with the client, facility manager, and end user.

Cubicle Blueprint.
Cubicle Blueprint.
  • Participate in construction/site meetings
  • Plan the installation and prepare the site
  • Disassemble and remove any existing furniture – reinstall in new location if desired
  • Receive all product at the jobsite or Exserv warehouse
  • Check for correct counts, back orders, or internal shipping damage prior to install
  • Verify the product received against the delivery ticket, BOL, BOM
  • Conduct pre-installation and post-installation reviews with client
  • Meet with electricians for base feed/power pole locations and connections, as well as the voice and data vendors for install coordination