Revitalizing the Office to Ensure Company Growth

High office morale and employee satisfaction are very important for the success of a business in 2022. It is currently a job seekers market, and if businesses do not offer an ideal work environment, sustainable wages, or improved benefits, many employees will take their talents to a company that better suits their needs. If the latter two options are not in the budget, consider an upgrade or reconfiguration of your office space that helps promote productivity, collaboration, and comfort for your team. Continue reading below to decide which option will help transform your current work environment into an ideal atmosphere for you and your co-workers.

Update Your Furniture

An ideal work environment varies from employee to employee, with different preferences of what matters most to them. Despite the varying opinions, your office furniture plays a huge role in the satisfaction level of your team. To guarantee your employees are content, make sure that your office furniture maximizes utility, provides privacy and comfort, whilst including community spaces for collaboration and communication.  With that being said, consider updating your furniture – if it fits within your budget. Office furniture that is practical, ergonomic, and stylish provides comfortable function and adjusted scenery that your employees will appreciate. Offer your employees the choice of sitting or standing with these Vari Height Adjustable Standing Desks, or something more traditional such as these Haworth workspaces. Next, ensuring that each employee has a comfortable chair can greatly improve their productivity and overall workplace happiness. Check these out from Steelcase. Finally, create collaboration stations for your team with these Modular Office Walls from, and add a large conference table and other accessories to fully augment teamwork. As a secondary option to procuring new furniture, many companies offer gently used office furniture to make updating your space more affordable. You can even ask your contracted office furniture installation company if they have any used furniture for sale! Updating the furniture in your current office can completely transform the way your employees work and providing them with the tools necessary to be successful can make all the difference.

Reconfigure Your Furniture

If a complete upgrade of your office furniture is not in the budget, consider reconfiguring your space’s existing furniture. Mixing up the current layout allows you to save money by creating a more efficient office design and layout with the furniture you already have! A completely closed floor plan with little space for collaboration is a thing of the past. Use your furniture to create a more open floorplan and introduce common spaces or lounging areas for your employees to engage with one another, socialize and grow together. A combination of open and closed floor plans is highly desirable for employees, maintaining privacy in a dedicated space for each individual while promoting collaborative spaces for the team to come together. Instead of completely removing your current furniture, refurbish the existing pieces and add new accessories that keep your team working hard. Plus, allocate a portion of your budget to incorporating decorations such as plants, natural lighting options, and other natural materials to create the feel of working from home. These additions will go a long way to creating an environment that inspires innovation and productivity without going as far as a total office decommission and installation.

If either of these two options are attainable for your business, keep in mind to hire a trustworthy installation or reconfiguration team. Try to find a company that offers comprehensive furniture moving and installation services, with expertise in handling all brands and models of furniture, whether it be new or used. When making changes to your current layout, you want a team that is knowledgeable and handles your furniture with care!

These days, many employers are competing for top talent employees.  Would-be employees are demanding more from their potential companies, so take the first step on the journey of promoting inclusivity and creating a working environment that is second-to-none.

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