Tips for Labeling Items for Your Upcoming Office Move

Organizing an office move can be a daunting task, regardless of whether it involves relocating a small team to a different floor or transitioning the entire company to a new facility. During the move, you must keep track of not only all the office furniture, files, electronics, etc., but you must also manage each employees’ personal items as well. To ensure a seamless, well-organized move, incorporating labeling into your relocation strategy is vital. Our project managers offer the following tips and tricks to assist our customers in simplifying the moving process for all involved.  

Tip #1)

Movers will only move the items that have a moving label. This is important as if it is not labeled, it will not be moved. Make sure everything that you expect to be at your new location is labeled visibly and correctly. Anything that will not be moved to the new location should not be labeled.

Tip #2)

Label all items to the appropriate location at the new destination. Exserv labels have separate boxes for floor, room/office/cubicle, and piece.  See below for a guide to filling out the labels correctly:

Exserv office moving label.
  • The first number represents the floor that you will be relocating to.
  • The second number represents the room/office/cube you have been assigned.
  • The third number, piece, represents a personal inventory of your goods, if necessary. Additionally, in the event you have sequential furniture placement needs, the piece block on the label should be used.


Your new destination number is 8116. The floor number represents the 8th floor. The next three numbers, 116, represent your room, office, or cube location. The piece number represents the personal inventory of your goods or a sequence of furniture, such as piece 2 out of 4.

Tip #3)

Use only the labels provided to you.  Our team will ensure you have everything you need to make the transition as seamless as possible, so if you run out, please advise your move coordinator as moves are usually color-coded.

Tip #4)

Label all items in front for easy identification. Boxes and crates need to be labeled on the end due to them being stacked. See below for a visual guide for label placement on various items found in the office:

Office moving label placement diagram.

Moving offices can often be a source of stress, but by following the suggested tips and working with a dependable team, you can ensure that your office move will be effortless and uncomplicated.

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